25 Litre Container (Empty)


25 litre containers are ideal for the storage and transportation of liquid feeds for bees whilst minimising the need for multiple small containers.  These plastic jerry cans are reconditioned, rigid, and stackable and we’d simply be lost without them.  Ideal for small to medium sized operations.

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Liquid feeds for bees such as sugar syrup are a big part of beekeeping and is why storage such as these 25 litre containers are so important and necessary, particularly for those with more than a few hives to manage.  We use them ourselves at Bee Farming UK which has allowed for easier storage and management all through the beekeeping year.

Filling these 25 litre containers is relatively straight forward and can be done using buckets and funnels or by using a handheld pump.  We’ve used a few variations of these methods and tools and will be selling our favourites on this site soon so watch this space.



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