Nitrile Gloves for Beekeepers


As an active bee farm we know and value the importance of nitrile gloves for beekeepers.  We’ve field tested this particular nitrile glove extensively, comparing it to an almost endless number of alternatives.  This one is always top choice amongst our keepers and one we can confidently recommend to our peers.  Take a look at the details below and be sure to check out our related blog post.


STRENGTH: Strong tensile strength nitrile gloves that are hard wearing and easy to clean between inspections.

SIZES: Comes in various sizes, S/M/L/XL so you can find that perfect fit to avoid baggy tipped fingers.

CUFFS: Long cuffs (30cm) that fit easily and tightly over your bee suit to prevent exploring bees finding your wrists.

TEXTURED TIPS: Improved grip due to textured fingertips, avoids slipping, and allows for easier queen handling.

LATEX: No Latex!  A completely latex free glove for those with latex allergies.

COMFORT: Soft elastic material for a more comfortable and flexible wear.  Cooling effect helps to reduce sweating on those warmer days!

PACKAGING: Plastic free packaging.  The packaging can be used as smoker fuel after use.

POWDER: Powder free nitrile to prevent contaminating your honey harvest.

FOOD SAFE: Food contact tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact.

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